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With our past experience and strong survey analysis it is felt the need of strong coaching and mentoring is a must in modern days.   The dynamic challenges the market throws at oneself makes it even more evident for such a professional support for running your business effectively and efficiently.    At Impact 360 we closely work with our entrepreneurs helping them to build a thought process to think out of box.

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Professionals with more than 25+ years of experience in hardcore Sales & Marketing, we are confident in impacting their business through aggressive sales & marketing.   Irrespective of the industry and domain we aggressively work in building customized business strategy, Go to market plan and the best channels / mode one must adopt that impacts the top line of the organization.    Our team of professionals are well versed with the ways, evaluates the situation and accordingly work on the best possible method one must adopt to see higher growth.

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We believe the most crucial department in any organization is the HR which acts as a bridge between all the departments within the organization.    It plays a vital role in ensuring the organization gets the right talent, nurtures them and help them grow within the system.    Compliance and hygiene practices are a must in today’s world for any company to be ready for tomorrow challenges.   The best HR practices and people evaluation not only helps organization build image but ensure the talent is retained.    Our experts closely work on all aspects and make organization realize its dream.

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The best situation for any organization is to be cash rich all time.   But how many of them are able to achieve what they look up to.    We at Impact 360 help organization by restructuring financial challenges faced in business.   The team of expert’s work on various aspects of finance and accounts to ensure company manages to attain being positive, recoverable improve, revised pricing policy, tax and statutory compliance are adhered for smooth functioning.    This approach makes the organization keep track on the overall healthiness in the business.

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Any product becomes good and is accepted when it is marketed and communicated well.     At Impact 360 we believe that the medium through which we communicate is the key for a product or services to become successful.   But how to communicate and how do we reach our desired customer at the best spend is always an issue one ponders all the time.     With various options available to reach out ones customer which is the best medium one must choose is where our experts help.   At Impact 360 we provide a complete Marketing Plan wherein the entire communication is around the product / services reaching it to potential  customers.

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We believe even if all the other functions are being effectively managed in a organization by the best talent, constant up gradation of ones skill sets is an inevitable phenomena.   Large conglomerate & business organization in today’s world strongly emphasis and realize the importance of periodical training to its team.    Its main desire is to get every single employee rejig one inner potential qualities and abilities to be effective to the organization.    We at Impact 360 identify such need, study the situation and challenges presently faced and develop module which not only help the organization to overcome, also helps employee change their behavioral pattern towards work and the organization.

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To avail our professional services, we request you to kindly have the following box duly filled and sent it to us. 

On receipt our team will revert and fix up an appointment with all key decision makers to understand the challenges and the need of consulting. 


A scientific, logical and constructive approach will not only make change the way one is presently operating but as well make your organization a well professionally run company which is ready for greater heights in coming future.


All our suggestions are backed with extensive research and practices implemented by successful companies

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