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Helping companies

create IMPACT in every act.


IMPACT360 Business Consulting Group nurtures the belief in creating impact in every project we take with a 360 degree approach in all our efforts. 


We strive to achieve business growth & build excellence among all our MSMEs clients in the country.


India is experiencing a radical change and is poised for a great leap.  The business needs modern & innovative way of representation.  New generation entrepreneurs need to embrace change with an open mindset and adopt latest learning to keep them in the fast changing business environment.  The need of Mentor & mentorship is so evident that every MSMEs need. 


A guide who understand your business in depth, however provides guidance as an outsider making sure the actions are unbaised, practical, effective and transforms the MSMEs approach towards running the business. 


Life line of any company is generating Sales revenue on a consistent basis month after month. Unpredictable trend, eratic and volatile market sitations makes most of the MSMEs in the country struggle to sustain & survive. Adopting the best strategy & technique for business backed by our professional experience of more than 34+ years in the field of Sales and Marketing makes us the most preferred consulting firm.


A product success lies when it is communicated & marketed well.  Whether it’s designing of a logo, determining the tagline or the content, all must have a synergy aiming achieve company objective. At IMPACT360 we believe the representation, medium & the right frequency to communicate is the key to success.  
Effective use of marketing budget, targeting the right audience exploring multiple mediums in today’s environment is the key to success.   We help you meet this objective.


Ideal situation for any MSME is to be cash-rich at any give point of time.  But in reality it is never so.  Now the big question can MSMEs achieve this efficeitnly?  We at IMPACT360 help organizations address financial challenges by restructuring and adopting stringent methods of finance & accounting that bring discipline in running a business.  


Making of a great company to work with is the pivotal role of any HR.  We endorse that its HR practices that any make a company or brake it.    Its infact the most crucial department in any organization and acts as a bridge helping identify gaps of learning & empowering the members to establish themselves as great contributor in the organization.  It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the organization attracts right talent nurtures and foster employee growth.


We provide customized business solutions to all our MSME clients

At IMPACT360, our mission is to serve the MSMEs of the country.   As an effort we have built our company with clear perspective to serve MSMEs keeping deliverables as top priority.  Our approach is, provide global consulting practices that help companies become ready to be professional with a strong focus into local market, making sure our clients see financial growth.  Our deliverables are always tangile in nature and measurable.  This provides greater confidence to MSMEs function by providing goal oriented action, empowerment and acceptance of all such practice among the team as well as at management level.   Practical yet implementable solutions is the need of any MSME.   A collaborative effort in defining strategy to drive business helps our clients choose us again & again.

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